A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver Wants You to Ensure that Your Roof Can do its Job

DSC_9522Your home is a big investment, and you may go to great lengths to protect that investment. One of the most important components of safeguarding your home often goes ignored is the roof.

While the appearance and style of your roof and home might be more fun to invest in, they might lose their appeal if water begins dripping through the ceilings or mold starts growing in the walls.

Now that September is here, it might be time to start preparing for winter.

You can easily take some time to ensure your roof is up to the job of protecting you by following these simple steps:

  • Start by scanning your roof visually for any uneven or sagging areas. This can mean that there is damage to the roof deck below the shingles.
  • Clean out the gutters of any branches, leaves, or any other debris that has piled up throughout the year. Water or snow that is left the roof can lead to leaking or ice damming, which can damage both your roof and the interior walls.
  • Make sure that your gutters are fastened properly and securely to the fascia board. This minimizes the risk of the gutters loosening or falling off while supporting heavy snow or ice.
  • Take the time to remove any debris from the valleys. This includes small branches and accumulating leaves. These can add weight to the roof and also inhibit proper drainage.
  • Look to see if the positioning and the condition of the flashings are ok. These are the thin pieces of material that are used to prevent water seepage between joints and seams around vents, pipes, skylights, and chimneys. If they become loosened or damaged by high winds and heavy rains, flashings can actually cause leaks rather than prevent.
  • Lastly, examine the condition of the shingles. Make sure to repair or replace any that are be damaged or missing.

Taking the time to inspect your roof at least twice a year can help you identify potential problems before they result in costly repairs or even premature roof replacement.  Click here to find out more!

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