Embracing Organic Décor in Your Custom Home in Vancouver WA

DSC_9486There are an endless number of home design trends out there, and the sky is truly the limit to which one you choose.

One thing to consider as you begin to make decisions about your new custom home in Vancouver WA, is one that is really catching our eye as we approach 2017.

Next year you can expect to see more organic design styles being introduced into modern home design.

Whatever the reason for considering organic home design, it does offer the benefit of taking soothing elements of organic décor and adding them to your interior.

If this sounds like something you might be considering, here are some possibilities:

  • Add some rustic elements
  • Get in touch with who you are and where you came from with framed photos from another era
  • Bring the garden elements from your backyard into your home
  • Create some of the beautiful elements of your home yourself. You could even attend a class to learn how to make clay pots, repurpose furniture, or paint pictures for the wall
  • Take down those heavy draperies that create so much visual clutter and open the blinds or shutters. There is nothing more natural than sunlight

For more ideas to add organic elements to your home, click here!

At StoneRidge Homes, we completely embrace natural and organic design, but want your home to reflect your personal style above all else! Click here to read more about what we will do to ensure that your custom home in Vancouver WA is a dream come true! Click here to read more about our custom homes in Hazel Dell, WA.