Meal Prep to Save Time – Some Tips From a Vancouver WA Home Builder

If you are finding that it is difficult to cook meals for your family because of a lack of time, consider prepping your meals in advance. At StoneRidge Homes, our custom floor plans boast amazing and well-crafted kitchens that function well for this weekly process.

By investing your time into doing this on a weekly basis, you can save money and ensure you and your family will eat healthier. Here are a few great tips for planning and preparing your meals in advance:

  • Create a shopping list that includes everything you will need for the week.
  • Have your recipes ready to go.
  • Invest in freezer bags.
  • Consider meals that work great in the crockpot for further simplicity.
  • Give each member in your family a task.

Food on the plate

Click here for more ideas for completing weekly meal prep.

We want your kitchen to function for you and your family, whether you prepare your meals on a weekly or nightly basis. Click here to contact your Vancouver WA home builder about your kitchen needs.