Move into Your New Custom Home in Vancouver WA with Ease with Some of These Tips – Part 1

DSC_9511Many new homeowners worry about moving into their brand new homes. After carefully organizing, padding, swaddling, and packing your precious belongings to move with as little damage as possible, consider these steps to protect your pristine new custom home:

Measure and create a plan:

  • Put a floor plan together.
  • Sketch a plan of the new house and where each piece of furniture will go.
  • Label each area.
  • Measure the new rooms so you know exactly how your furniture will fit.
  • Measure all doors, entryways and staircases.
  • Remove tight doors ahead of time to avoid scraping your furniture.

Make an effort to protect the corners, stairs, and walls:

  • You can tour your home and identify the corners, staircase banisters, and walls that might be in the way.
  • Drape blankets, towels or plastic sheeting around banisters to prevent nicks.
  • Hang moving blankets on damage prone walls.
  • Attach felt pads to furniture areas that will rest against your walls.
  • Tape all furniture drawers so items don’t fly out in the move and gash a wall.
  • Empty all appliances and furniture to make them less heavy and easier to maneuver.

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Moving can be stressful, but if you are comfortable with your new community, it can be a peaceful and meaningful transition!  Click here to check out some of our communities at StoneRidge Homes!

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