Natural Design Trends For Your Custom Home in Vancouver WA

2700 NE 116th-18With borders blurring between home life and professional life, you can anticipate seeing more nature being brought into homes.

You can can also expect more interiors to be filled with greenery, hanging pots, plants, and herbs.

Sustainability is continuing to be important to homeowners in Vancouver WA, so you will also see more worn or aged furnishings and accents, along with a mixture of personal treasures

Next year’s interiors are anticipated to become more individual, cozy, and boast a warm atmosphere. Also, due to the fact that we are often surrounded and immersed in artificial intelligence and technology, many people are looking to natural materials to provide some balance.

Expect to see these natural design trends to start popping up as we approach the New Year:

  • Calming and neutral colors that are earthy
  • Wood elements that offer natural beauty
  • Weathered objects to add character
  • Rustic elements
  • Windows that let in natural light
  • DIY projects
  • Décor that brings the outdoors in
  • Organic elements to help the home feel real

Our next blog post will further discuss some of these natural design elements to help you make decisions about your custom home in Vancouver WA. Click here to contact us today.  To read more about our custom homes in Clark County WA, click here.