Self Discovery – A Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA Helps You Find Your Design Style – Part 2

strohstern-580983__180You probably notice certain elements while you are out shopping, things that you are drawn to, but it can be hard to put your finger on your exact preferred style.

This blog post will continue to help you you pinpoint exactly what speaks to your soul!

If you are drawn to …

  • Rich patterns, vibrant colors, layers of textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry), pieces that possess ethnic or nomadic vibes, natural woods, animal hides, and metallic accents – You might consider Bohemian design
  • Distressed wood, upholstered linen, white and beige base colors, turquoise, light yellow, and other bright colors, careful arrangements of vases – You might consider Farm House design
  • Larger furniture, trailblazing modern furniture designs, urban decorative accents, elements that offer artistic and creative expression, geometric designs, and vintage items with traditional embellishments – You might consider Urban Modern design
  • Distressed wood elements, sanded milk, pieces that show wear and tear, soft and opulent accents, linen textiles, white, ecru and pastel colors, and slight pops of vibrant colors – You might consider Shabby Chic design

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At StoneRidge Homes, we know that each person views style differently, and for this reason, we pride ourselves in customizing home to fit each of our customers needs. Let us help you create your dream home today! Click here to read more about a custom homebuilder in Vancouver WA who will put you first.