Tile Trends From a Custom Home Builder in Vancouver WA

DSC_9492Our last blog discussed a few ideas for a custom tile backsplash, and this post will go more in depth on accessing your inner style when making decisions about the backsplash in your home.

Here are a few styles that you might consider and what they represent:

Fresh Traditional- This is a fresh take on traditional motifs and design. This style is beginning to take hold and fun for an easy living style.

New Elegance – It’s bigger, bolder and dares to emulate traditional elements such as raised panels, strong new flooring patterns and smart sophisticated designs. Mid Century Modern interpretation is seen in new tile shapes, sizes, colors and quiet finishes.

Retro Rules – There is a return of the terracotta colors but with new textures! The deep, rich colors and organic textures of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are coming back along with companion motifs that feel familiar yet new.

Urban Craft – In this style, anything goes! From comic book motifs to artistic expressions that are unique. Urban craft can transform your space into an exciting and vibrant space.

Home Craft – The look of hand painted motifs are always a simple and charming way to add character to your home. Home Craft tile trends can be made with textures that have a warm, handmade look to them, they are sometimes in pastels or conversely in bold, classic yet primitive patterns.

The tile trends that you choose for your home can make a big difference in the style of your custom home in Vancouver WA! At StoneRidge Homes, we want to make sure that your choices reflect your own personal style! Click here to view our gallery and get some great ideas for your home.