Tips for Designing Your Custom Home in Vancouver WA

Smiling woman working in officeOne of the main joys of designing your new custom home in Vancouver WA is discovering the new amenities that will make your home “just right” for you and your family.

Instead of moving into a pre-built home that has been designed for someone else, you will be able to harmonize new designs that match your needs exactly.

Here are a few tips for designing your custom home in Vancouver WA:

  • Sit down and establish budget that is realistic for your new home: Take the time to get a feel for what your budget can do for you, from the floor plan to your home site.
  • Embrace how you want to live in your new home: Consider the functionality of the space in your home, including areas for entertaining; de-stressing; storage and organization; and, flexible living. It can be beneficial to determine how important these types of spaces are to you!
  • Establish your priorities and rank them from most important to least important: A common method for doing this identifies three categories, the things you must have, important, but not must-haves, and the things you would love to have if they were in your budget. This can help you ensure that the most important design and product amenities have not been overlooked.
  • Consider the bigger picture: Determine how long you intend to live in the home. Life changes and things happen… It is important to design with flexibility in mind, because the ability to make changes is the key to long-term happiness with your new custom home in Vancouver WA.

At StoneRidge Homes we want you to be happy with every part of the process of building your dream home. Click here to discuss your plans with us! We are happy to put those dreams into action.